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Publishing Ethics: COPE guidelines for Scientific Journals

Patricio Pantaleo for Paideia Studio

Jorge Hugo Figueroa (Trad.)

Publishing Ethics


On August 9, 2023 was held the online workshop “Ethics in academic publishing: COPE guidelines and guidelines for scientific journals“, organized by Paideia Studio and COPE.

In it, Iratxe Puebla (COPE) presented in 10 points the COPE recommendations for academic journals on Ethics in publishing. The workshop is in Spanish, but it is possible to enable automatic subtitles on YouTube.

The full video of the presentation is available on Paideia Studio’s YouTube channel.

Access to the slides of the presentation in this link.

Diapositivas de la presentación de Iratxe Puebla, © Committee on Publication Ethics (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0)

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